Our thinking is simple: we want to create the world’s most trusted forest products traceability system that empowers consumers and rewards producers.

An initiative of Ecotrust Canada and forest industry partners, ThisForest (beta) is linking a community of folks who prefer forest products while wanting to support forest conservation efforts. The three pillars of our approach are to:

  • ensure an authentic, meaningful experience for consumers hungry for trusted information on the authenticity, quality and sustainability of their forest products 
  • provide real-time market intelligence and branding advantages for every business in the forest product supply chain
  • Create an easy-to-use and low-cost traceability system that is accessible to small and large operators

In developing our traceability system, ThisForest is committed to the following design principles:

  • Create a voluntary, consumer-focused system
  • Satisfy consumer demand
  • Ensure cost effectiveness
  • Provide real value to businesses
  • Anticipate and meet regulatory requirements
  • Promote sustainable forestry
  • Distribute costs and benefits fairly throughout supply chain; and
  • Promote collaboration and transparency in the supply chain