heavy lift

The jobs of heavy lift helicopters

Helicopters come in varying shapes, sizes, and, of course, jobs. Each type of helicopter has a job of its own, including doing everything from carrying people around to saving lives and moving cargo. The heavy lift helicopters are one of those types, taking over numerous tasks. These are the helicopters that you see moving cargo, fighting fire, transporting soldiers, and doing a lot of the heavy lifting. When you see a cargo helicopter, it is going to be one of these. The same goes for other helicopters helping to move heavy objects, assist in disaster relief, and do things that smaller helicopters simply cannot manage.

It’s absolutely amazing, what these machines are capable of.  In our project, we are tracing back forest-related product, but one thing to take note of is the use of heavy lifting machines to get that product out of the forest.  Heavy lift helicopters are essential in the harvesting of forest related products.  Here are some other jobs that the heavy lift helicopter performs on a daily basis:


Carrying Groups

Carrying large groups of people is a cinch for heavy lift helicopters. This is what they do on a regular basis, including in warzones. The military uses these types of helicopters to transport their soldiers to and from various locations.

It is not just in warzones, of course. These helicopters help to transport large groups in nearly every situation it is necessary. If a situation requires a quick evacuation, most likely, people are going out on these helicopters.


Cargo Transport

These are cargo helicopters, too. Able to move large amounts of weight, these can get cargo containers around in a breeze. While the weight capacity changes between individual helicopters, the majority of the helicopters built for cargo have a high weight capacity. This allows them to seamlessly and quickly move cargo to various locations.


Saving Lives

Organizations of all types use these helicopters to save lives. In the water, in the snow, lost in the forest – no matter what, these are going to do the job. Any type of emergency air travel will call for these types of helicopters. They can come in quickly, pick up and secure an individual or individuals, and exit. This makes them the preferred type of helicopter for most organization that save lives in disasters, in the water, and in difficult terrain.


Heavy Lift helicopterDisaster Relief

Fighting fires, helping during storms, saving during avalanches, and so much more, heavy lift helicopters are the ones doing the job. They can do quick and reliable evacuations and they can provide necessary help from above. Most organizations, including the government, rely on these helicopters for aerial support during a disaster.

These types of helicopters are the ones doing the big jobs. They are the ones individuals and organizations of all types rely on when the task is too much for anything else to handle.


We want to especially that Helicopter Express for their help in gathering additional information for us on this project.  Learn more about them and their services by watching the video below.